Social Media Success Bundle (Best Practices + Expert Analysis)

Social Media Success Bundle (Best Practices + Expert Analysis)

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Social Media Best Practices PLUS Your Social Profile Reviewed by an Expert

Social Media Success Bundle (Best Practices + Expert Analysis) includes these courses

Social Media for Small Business: Basics & Best Practices
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Get Your Social Media Profile(s) Reviewed by an Expert
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Build & Accelerate Your Business Social Media Presence

This Social Media Success bundle pairs two social media courses:

  • Social Media for Business Basics & Best Practices: In just one hour, you'll learn everything you need to know to get started on social media and create an effective presence, including how to create a strategy, what to post, how to find free and legal images, and how to simplify your strategy with automation.
  • Get Your Social Media Profile(s) Reviewed by an Expert (up to 2 social profiles): Once you know the social media basics and best practices, have an expert evaluate your profile(s) and give you specific recommendations for improvement.

Here's what you'll get

With this bundle, you get access to two great courses and have tons of resources to help you develop a successful social media program for your small business.

In "Social Media Basics & Best Practices," you'll learn:

  • If you're new to social media, we'll make it easy to get up and running. You'll learn everything you need to kick off a successful (and low-budget) social media program, including overall strategy, which platforms you should be on and the "how to" nuts and bolts of getting going.
  • Discover what you should post to appeal to your target customer, including 42 unique social post ideas that you can use over and over again (no matter what industry you're in).
  • Understand the 2 things you should never post on your business social media page.
  • Images are important, but it's easy to get in legal hot water over copyrighted material. You'll learn where to find beautiful, effective and free photos--LEGALLY.
  • No followers? No problem! You'll learn how to grow your following to accelerate your social media results.
  • Social media for business can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We'll share how to develop a consistent strategy that is easy to follow, and how to automate much of the work to save you tons of time.

With "Get Your Social Media Profile(s) Reviewed," you'll get:

I will analyze your social media presence and provide:

  • Strengths of your social media profile (things you should keep doing or do more)
  • Areas of opportunity for your social media profile/strategy
  • Specific recommendations for each area of opportunity
  • Answers to YOUR specific social media questions (up to 3 for each profile)

Both courses come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After you've completed the courses, if you feel your business didn't get value from them, I'll provide a full and prompt refund. (Just show me you did the work.)

Why Listen to Me?

If we haven't been introduced yet, I'm Alicia Olsen. I've worked in marketing for companies large and small for over 10 years, but I've always been drawn to working with small businesses. Why? Besides the fact that I'm a small business owner myself, my dad is a lifelong entrepreneur who has started multiple small businesses. I guess it's in my DNA!

When I started my own consulting firm, I did lots of research on how to be successful. The one advice I saw over and over was to find a "profitable target audience." In other words, find people and businesses with a big enough budget to buy your stuff or hire you.

Now that makes sense from a business perspective, but I couldn't help thinking about all the small businesses out there who DIDN'T have the budget to work with me. They need marketing help too, perhaps even more than businesses with a bigger budget. That's why I decided to service exclusively small businesses (most of whom have minimal budget and limited time). I love helping business owners maximize their limited time & budget to grow their business through marketing strategies, including social media.